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3 questions and answers: What exactly is a “Freelance Head of Product”? What is a great product? What are the key criteria for a great team?

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Hi Jock, what makes a good UX Designer from the perspective of a product manager?

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Hey Jock,I would love to pick your brain about roadmaps.

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Hi Jock,I’m an entrepreneur, product/program manager and hardcore gamer. I’m facing a dilemma in my career’s direction.

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People ask me from time to time about how they can get into freelance product management. Here’s a recent question: Hi Jock, I’ve been working as a product manager for 5 years now. I worked in different industries (financial, loyalty, …

Q&A: What skills do I need to be a freelance product manager? Read more

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Here’s a question I’ve been asked recently: Hi Jock, I’d appreciate your advice on working for the GDS and different ministries. I have recently applied for senior positions (Deputy Director and Head of Product) at GDS and another UK government …

Q&A: How do I make myself more suitable for a senior product role in UK government? Read more

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Good product managers are agnostic of technologies (and markets).

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“How on earth am I going to start managing a second product?”

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This is an interview I did a little while ago with a user experience author living on the US East Coast. She was interested in moving into freelance product management.

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When it comes to the ecommerce checkout process, what’s one thing that retailers are doing wrong? What’s one thing they’re doing right?