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The more closely we examined the problem, the more complicated it became. When this happens to you, it can feel overwhelming. Don’t quit your research too soon.

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One of the challenges of being a product manager is that it’s sometimes difficult to read between the lines of what your (potential) customers want in order to determine what they actually need. This article explains how to identify and differentiate between needs, features and benefits.

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This is not the Field of Dreams and you’re not Kevin Costner. If you build it, the users will not come – unless they have a strong motivation to do so.

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I’ve been talking to web developers, engineers and product people about APIs. After all, they’re the ones using them. From our discussions, it’s clear that the best web APIs share some common traits. Would you like to know what’s going to make yours more successful?

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Lovely article from Joel Gascoigne about why startups should just start charging from the outset, and why it’s not that big a deal to evolve and change pricing later on – as long as you don’t screw over your existing …

Link of the Day: Pricing your product – it doesn’t have to be so complicated Read more

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Does your sales team sell your products (like, in exchange for money), or does it give them away as generous sweeteners to guarantee the sale of something else that will hit their targets? Or to put it in another way, does your salesforce truly understand the value of your products and can it articulate the benefits to the customer?

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Happy New Year!

I was recently asked what I saw as the major trends, changes, challenges and opportunities for product managers in 2011.

Product managers working in different market sectors, countries and sizes of company will have their own take on this, so here’s my Top 5 from the perspective of a large-ish Business Services company operating in the UK.

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Ah, pricing. Always a thorny topic for product managers as it’s one those more subjective areas of the job. I’d love to have some kind of oracular spreadsheet that foresees how much customers would be willing to pay for my new product. Ironically, I would pay good money for such a thing…

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As a product manager, how do you know you’re doing your job well? This article outlines the problem with traditional metrics for product managers and offers some better alternatives for measuring success: communication, ideas, roadmapping, launch and end-of-life.

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If you want to succeed in global markets with a ‘one size fits all’ approach, you may want to reconsider that strategy. Pay as much attention, if not more, to getting the local details right.

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