Live on ProdMgmtTalk July 25/26 – the love/hate relationship with Sales

Live on ProdMgmtTalk July 25/26 – the love/hate relationship with Sales

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Love them or hate them, you won’t have a successful product without your sales force.  So if you’re at a loose end on Monday night, come join me to discuss the relationship between Product Management and Sales on @ProdMgmtTalk.

  • In the UK, if you want to share your views, you’ll need to stay up past your bedtime on a school night.  The tweet chat is early Tuesday 26 July, midnight – 1:00 AM BST.
  • For the US, it will be Monday 25 July, between 4:00 – 5:00 PM PT
  • And for Australia it will be Tuesday 26 July 9:00 – 10:00 AM ET

I hope you can join me – I look forward to seeing you there.  Detail on the discussion and background reading is available after the break.

The Global Product Management Talk on Product Management and the Sales Force #

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The effectiveness of your organisation’s sales force ultimately determines whether your carefully-crafted product is a roaring success or an abject failure.  As product managers and marketers, you play a pivotal role in helping your sales teams realise the potential of your products.  We’ll be exploring what you can and should be doing.

Some articles to stimulate thought on the discussion: #

Questions to be discussed: #

  1. What are your personal top 3 challenges when engaging with your sales force?
  2. What information does a sales person need to know about your product to sell it?
  3. What would a product manager’s perfect sales person look like?
  4. What have you learned from sales that has made you a better product manager?
  5. What creative methods have you employed to focus the attention of your sales people on your product?
  6. How does your approach change when working with indirect sales teams versus direct?
  7. In the end, what is it that sales people really need from product management?

About ProdMgmtTalk: #

The Global Product Management Talk brings international product managers together with experts in the field weekly in a twitter chat format on Mondays, 4:00 – 5:00 PM PST Co-hosted by Cindy F. Solomon and Adrienne Tan, who interview a Product Management expert that leads the discussion about a particular topic. The Product Management speaker tweets answers to pre-posted questions during the hour, while everyone chimes in on the tweet stream. After the event, the transcript is made available and participants are encouraged to expand upon their statements and insights by blogging to continue the conversation.

How to Participate: #

  • twebevent –
  • tweetchat –
  • Automatically add #prodmgmttalk to your tweets to show up in twitter stream

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  1. Hi Jock, This is an excellent promotion for your Global Product Management Talk! You certainly have an expertise in online sales collateral! Looking forward to an informative and enjoyable discussion!

  2. Thanks for staying up late to be our first recorded expert at the Global Product Management Talk! Links of content from the talk includes links to recorded discussion with you and co-hosts, as well as Twitter transcript

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