» Some people think about problems directly; others think through the problem via potential solutions

» Organisations often jump straight into action without establishing a foundation for coping with uncertainty

» If one group has all the decision-making power, others cannot properly contribute

» The wording of your product manager job description could be putting off good candidates

» Listing excessive requirements for the role will deter risk-averse candidates

» Think about why you’re hiring and the candidate attributes you need most

» Don’t copy-and-paste other job descriptions — they won’t describe what your organisation needs

» Humility and authenticity go a long way in building trust

» It is hard both to share data when expected, and to do so in a way that is trustworthy and acceptable to the public

» “Nobody ever read a simple sentence and thought ‘well, that was too easy to understand.’”

» With care it is possible to create valuable products with user data while maintaining trustworthiness