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I’ve just been on Ross Webb’s new Product Coach podcast talking about product leadership. You can listen to it on the widget below or on Podcast.co.

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Hey Jock,I would love to pick your brain about roadmaps.

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Product managers often struggle to keep on top of their product roadmap. I recently gave this talk at Landing Festival Berlin to explain where people often get lost and show you how to make your product roadmaps more meaningful, user-centric and measurable.

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I gave a talk recently about how I’ve been using data and analytics to guide my decisions in product management. I’ve edited the transcript a little and split it into bite-size parts for your entertainment. This final bit tells the secret behind meaningful product roadmaps.

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On the 4th birthday of ProductTank London in May, three speakers shared with us their experiences of building and working in B2B (business to business) companies. Take a look at the recap I wrote over on Mind the Product’s blog.

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Last time I published an article explaining why I thought roadmaps were a little like DVD box sets. DonorDrive product manager Kasey Marcum (@kaseymarcum) asked in the comments:

“Always enjoy your posts, Jock! I really love the high level idea of this. What does this actually look like in the wild?”

Imagine your roadmap and sprints being as engaging as a hit movie – just think how much easier they’d be to “sell” to your stakeholders and customers! Let’s see how you can do this.

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Curating the product roadmap is one of the most typical responsibilities of a product manager. But have you ever thought about why you bother with them in the first place and how you could make them more effective?

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I’m writing about one hundred things I’ve learned as a product manager. Product managers hate saying ‘no’. It’s not in our nature to disappoint people. We want everyone to be happy with our products. We’d much rather say a nice, …

11: You are allowed to say ‘no’ – it’s strategic Read more

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