About this blog

I Manage Products is Product People’s blog for people to learn about product management from the ground up. It doesn’t matter whether you have ‘product manager’ in your job title, you’ll find something here for you.

Here you’ll find (hopefully) informative articles, helpful resources and the occasional rant on managing products and product teams successfully in the real world, where people and events don’t always follow the script.

It’s probably worth pointing out that the articles on this blog reflect our views only, not those of our clients.

About the author

Jock Busuttil

Jock Busuttil is a freelance head of product, author and conference speaker. He has spent two decades working with technology companies to improve their product management practices, from startups to multinationals.

His clients include the BBC, University of Cambridge, and the UK’s Ministry of Justice and Government Digital Service (GDS). In 2012 Jock founded Product People Limited, a product management services and training company.

Jock holds a master’s degree in Classics from the University of Cambridge. He is the author of The Practitioner’s Guide To Product Management, which was published in January 2015 by Grand Central Publishing in the US and Piatkus in the UK. He also writes the blog I Manage Products.

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