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Mission to Mars

Imagine you’ve just been told that you’ll be a member of the team responsible for the first manned mission to Mars.

Now imagine someone asks you how much the mission’s going to cost. The whole thing. There and back. By close of business on Thursday.

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Managing product managers

A virtual roundtable discussion for product leaders and C-level roles.

We’ll be discussing:
how to measure product manager performance;
how to provide opportunities for career growth; and
the challenges of managing product managers and product owners.

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Reading aloud

I’m trying to make my blog and other websites as accessible as possible. This has led me to all sorts of questions that I need your help to answer.

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71: The PMO strikes back

Okay, okay, so maybe likening the Project Management Office (PMO) to the Empire hunting down the Rebel Alliance is perhaps a teensy bit combative. But it’s how I feel sometimes. Just don’t let my desire for a weak pun give you the wrong impression. Let me explain.

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66: Show the thing

‘Show the thing’ sessions encourage a culture of openness, of sharing information. They create opportunities for peers to learn from each other, thus multiplying the value of the thing created or learned that someone shows.

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Threads II – The Sequel

If you’re in or around Bristol and are a tech founder or leader, I’ll be hosting the February Threads meetup again. Like you, I have no idea why they invited me back. We’ll be talking about when and how to … Threads II – The Sequel Read More »

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How do I make myself more suitable for a senior product role in UK government?

Here’s a question I’ve been asked recently: Hi Jock, I’d appreciate your advice on working for the GDS and different ministries. I have recently applied for senior positions (Deputy Director and Head of Product) at GDS and another UK government … How do I make myself more suitable for a senior product role in UK…

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