» When negotiating, don’t pitch, listen

» To minimise residual influence, negotiate each point independently

» When trust is low, consider making a concession contingent on the other party reciprocating

» Conceding because you don’t want to upset the other party is a losing scenario

» Speak the language of C-level by focusing on revenue, customer benefits, and financials

» Without understanding, there can be no empathy

» Product managers need to be able to communicate with a wide range of people using different languages

» The worst product managers only speak in the language of product management

» For better alignment, leaders should only communicate the why and what of the goal to their teams

» Auftragsklärung facilitates alignment through both top-down and bottom-up goal setting

» Try to communicate your work’s value to stakeholders in terms they will understand

» Alignment is a system in dynamic equilibrium

» One definition of value is the impact of a product team’s work on the company’s success

» To deliver value quickly as a new starter, understand people, problems, context, process and culture

» We rarely show value to users, the business and others affected by our product on the same journey map – why?