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Which is better for making product decisions: guesswork or user feedback? Albert Einstein once said that anyone can make something complex, but only a genius can make something simple. Imagine if you could read your user’s minds and understand what they really think about your product.

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Business networking used to hold about as much appeal for me as speed-dating with alligators. It was only later that I came to tolerate it, even enjoy it, but only after I learned to think about it differently. If the prospect of a room of people at an event fills you with dread, read on, this may help.

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I strongly believe that all software companies should have a manifesto or a set of guidelines which set out in practical terms how they will ensure that their products are intuitive for the types of user for which they’re intended.

For product managers, even if your company or development team doesn’t “get” usability, you can build these into your product requirements and use your Quality Assurance team to check the requirements have been delivered.

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