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A real-life case study for measuring the performance of a team of product managers, with examples to download

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If you’ve got 15 minutes handy, here’s an engaging and useful overview of Agile Product Ownership by Henrik Kniberg over on Crisp’s Blog.  I also love the sketching tool he’s narrating over! (it’s ArtRage if you were wondering) Thanks to …

Link of the day: Agile Product Ownership in a nutshell Read more

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With the investment of a few hours’ effort, I doubled the speed of this WordPress blog and no coding was needed. This is great news if you’re a little intimidated by performance tuning. In this article I’m going to walk you through the steps I took.

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Knowledge is power for product managers, but you have to gather and interpret the right metrics. Here are seven suggested KPIs that you can use to expand your customer insight and to drive better performance.

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Here’s how to sleep more soundly at night and avoid setting unrealistic expectations about how much you can get done in a given amount of time

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We’re looking at the kinds of information that specific groups of people need to know during the lifecycle of your product and why they’re so interested in the first place.

Last time we covered the steps from idea through to convincing people to part with some cash to build it. Now we’re going to look at building it and onwards through launch to review.

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I’m originally from Edinburgh, despite the distinctly foreign-sounding surname.  Running across the Firth of Forth from South Queensferry are road and rail bridges.  The rail bridge is the older of the two and is a distinctive rust-brown colour, which settles …

Painting the Forth Bridge Read more

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Do you find it difficult to set appropriate financial targets for your product? Recently I’ve been attempting to simplify the process as part of my planning for my company’s next fiscal year and wanted to share an approach I’ve found helpful with you. I’ve created a straightforward spreadsheet, which you are welcome to download and adapt for your own purposes.

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A product manager who thinks they’ve got an easy ride because their product is a cash cow is probably missing the point. While failing or unpopular products have a more obvious set of problems to tackle, successful ones have a different set of arguably trickier problems

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As a product manager, how do you know you’re doing your job well? This article outlines the problem with traditional metrics for product managers and offers some better alternatives for measuring success: communication, ideas, roadmapping, launch and end-of-life.

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