Follow I Manage Products in the fediverse

Follow I Manage Products in the fediverse

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You can now follow all posts published to I Manage Products directly using your favourite fediverse platform:

Alternatively, you can follow the feed of posts I write using

What is the fediverse? #

Normally when you use a social media platform, such as X or Facebook, you are connecting to a central group of servers owned by a commercial entity.

The fediverse is a federation of lots of independent social media and publishing platforms. One of the better-known ones is Mastodon. Even Mastodon is itself a federated collection of independently-run servers, all talking to each other.

It’s a similar concept to how you browse the web: the websites you view live on lots of independent servers, all connected across the internet. Just as anyone can set up their own website, anyone can set up their own social media or publishing platform in the fediverse.

This is why the fediverse is often referred to as decentralised – there’s no one central ‘owner’. And the nice thing is that if you need to, you can move your social media presence from place to place within the fediverse and bring your followers with you.

What is ActivityPub? #

ActivityPub is the standard language (or protocol) that servers and platforms use to talk to each other in the fediverse. Amongst other things, it’s what lets everyone know when you’ve posted something, and lets you see what the people you follow are posting.

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If you’d like to find out more about the Fediverse, have a read of this helpful explainer article from The Verge: “The fediverse, explained“.

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