Open, Honest and Always Improving – ProdPad September 2020

Open, Honest and Always Improving - ProdPad September 2020

Best product management practice in government organisations will look startlingly familiar to anyone who’s worked in a user-centric company. But what does it look like when the usual commercial drivers such as revenue, profits and investors are taken out of the picture?

Jock is a freelance head of product, author and conference speaker. He has spent nearly two decades working with technology companies to improve their product management practices, from startups to multinationals. His clients include the BBC, University of Cambridge, and the UK's Ministry of Justice and Government Digital Service (GDS). In 2012 Jock founded Product People Limited, a product management consultancy and training company. He is also the author of the popular book The Practitioner's Guide to Product Management and the blog I Manage Products.

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