PRODUCTHEAD: Navigating change

PRODUCTHEAD: Navigating change

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Navigating change is hard because we don’t want to be seen as villains

Don’t simply cut-and-paste another company’s organisational model without understanding the context

Consider how the members of your team will understand the change, embrace it, and work through it


Last year I attended a panel discussion featuring Randeep Sidhu. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he was responsible for fixing the UK’s Test and Trace app, which at the time was a bit of a political football, though it did save lives*.

To the amusement of the audience, he introduced the idea that product managers are actually like villains. Not the two-dimensional, take-over-the-world kind that punch down, but the well-written kind who are trying to effect a change (even if their methods are dubious). If you look at the heroes, they’re often reacting to preserve the status quo, to inhibit change.

To cause change to happen, said Randeep, sometimes you need to accept that you’re going to be seen as the bad guy. Fast forward a few months to the closing keynote of Mind The Product’s 2023 London conference, and Randeep expands on this idea in his talk I’ve included for you this week.

Continuing the theme of change, Rich Mironov discusses approaches to deal with major organisational changes: when a company pivots from project-based client work to a product business, and how to transition from a narrow product owner role to an end-to-end product manager.

Mind The Product has also published a short collection of case studies and advice for product leaders managing change in their organisations. It includes contributions from five seasoned product leaders: Ben Foster, Navya Rehani Gupta, Dave Wascha, Inês Liberato and Kate Leto. They cover topics such as how to handle company pivots and investment uncertainty.

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* 2023 research published by Nature Communications estimated that the NHS Test and Trace app likely prevented between 4,600 and 13,000 COVID-related deaths.

what to think about this week

Heroes and villains in the product world

In the closing keynote at #mtpcon London 2023, Randeep Sidhu talks about the framing of heroes and villains for the product world and why creating an impact is so hard.

Randeep’s career to date has primarily been in healthcare and he says a doctor once took him aside and told him “a product you build will kill someone. A decision you make will kill someone. What can you do to make sure your conscience is clear when that happens?”.

Why saving the world is hard

[Randeep Sidhu / Mind The Product]

Reorganizing product teams

At workshops for product leaders, we often discuss different approaches to implementing major organizational changes within product management teams and adjacent groups (e.g. Engineering). Not surprisingly, the general answer is “it depends” on lots of factors. But worth recapping some of the choices and their implications.

One size does not fit all

[Rich Mironov / Mironov Consulting]

Leading product teams through change

Successfully navigating change as a product leader demands strong strategic and leadership abilities. Additionally, product leaders have recently grappled with the effects of COVID-19, the complexities of inflation, and the swiftly changing landscape of artificial intelligence.

Here, we explore the stories of five product leaders who have effectively navigated change in their current and past positions.

Learn from lived experience

[Mind The Product]

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