PRODUCTHEAD: Showing your value

PRODUCTHEAD: Showing your value

PRODUCTHEAD is a regular newsletter of product management goodness,
curated by Jock Busuttil.

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One definition of value is the impact of a product team’s work on the company’s success

To deliver value quickly as a new starter, understand people, problems, context, process and culture

We rarely show value to users, the business and others affected by our product on the same journey map – why?


I’m very pleased to find myself “fitter, happier, more productive” this week. It’s thanks to a combination of things: cheerier weather, more exercise and most pertinently, more chats with lovely product people. Some were at the recent Mind The Product leadership event in London, and the rest I’ve been chatting with as part of ongoing research for what may possibly, potentially become a new book.

Of course it wouldn’t be business as usual for me without at least a smidgeon of procrastination thrown in for good measure. Jumping waaaaaay ahead of myself, I spent a bit of time this week futzing around with typesetting software and pretty fonts with an eye to publishing my as-yet-theoretical book. Dopamine craving satisfied, I can now concentrate on actually writing some words.

For you this week #

I have three takes on showing your value for you this week:

Matt LeMay and Janna Bastow discuss why it’s important to focus on work that delivers high impact for the business, rather than low impact work that happens to be quicker and easier to deliver;

Mirela Mus talks about how to define a product person’s value, and how they can start creating that value sooner when joining a new business; and

Erika Hall talks about the conflict between delivering value to users, to the business, and to everyone else affected by the product.

(Coincidentally, both Mirela and Erika mention variants of stakeholder / power mapping as a technique for figuring out which people have influence over the product or initiative you’re responsible for.)

Speak to you soon,


what to think about this week

Because you’re worth it: How to show the ROI of your product work

Do you find it challenging to quantify the return on investment (ROI) of your product work? Are you tired of investing time and resources into product development without being able to demonstrate its true value? If so, you’re not alone, especially in these uncertain times. Many product professionals face the same dilemma.

[VIDEO] Avoid the “low impact death spiral”

[Matt LeMay & Janna Bastow / ProdPad]

Blazing fast onboarding for product managers

Below are our learnings on how to onboard fast as a new PM and show you’re adding value in two weeks. And for Product Leaders, how to not freak out your new product hires in the first weeks and how you can set them up for success.

Focus on the people and problems

[Mirela Mus / Medium]

The business model is the grid

Every design and design system is embedded within an underlying business model that defines how an organization understands, creates, and extracts value. This framework constrains all of the choices within it. Unfortunately, this is a dynamic few designers are prepared to grapple with, let alone influence.

[VIDEO] It’s not all about shareholder value

[Erika Hall / Clarity ‘23]

recent posts

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Stepping up to a Chief Product Officer (CPO) or VP Product role doesn’t so much change what you do. Rather it amplifies everything. This guide lets you know what to expect.

Liberating and terrifying in equal measure

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I want to update my pricing strategy. Where do I start?

“My product currently has one tier of per-seat pricing for all customers. I want to change my pricing strategy to cater differently for SMEs and enterprise customers. Where do I start?”

A few pricing concepts to consider + further reading

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How do I make my product roadmap a better communication tool?

“My product roadmap is not getting the right information across to other people in my company. In particular, my customer success and marketing teams are struggling to plan their work for upcoming product releases. I’m also not sure how I can show my roadmap’s relationship to the half-yearly OKRs we set. How can I improve it?”

Your product roadmap is a communication tool

[I Manage Products]

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