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‘Show the thing’ sessions encourage a culture of openness, of sharing information. They create opportunities for peers to learn from each other, thus multiplying the value of the thing created or learned that someone shows.

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I was recently asked this question:

How would you recommend working with organisations who are used to a traditional / waterfall approach, transition towards agile / iterative development?

Here’s my response:

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Government digital teams have a way to ensure their digital services and products are created in the right way. In this post I’ll share with you how they do this and explain how you can make it work at your organisation.

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I’m currently working to improve my public speaking, and I recently gave a talk on Digital Justice at Product Management Festival in Zurich. Afterwards, I asked a few people for some honest feedback, and jotted down how I felt I’d done. So this post is really a mini-retrospective.

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If you were to inherit a portfolio of ninety legacy products, some of which hadn’t been updated in years, what would you decide to do with them? And how would you prioritise which ones to work on? This article explains how.

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If you find yourself attempting to win over the rest of your organisation to a more user-centric, evidence-led way of working, remember how jarring change can be and actively work to soften the impact for them.

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MOJ Digital wants to attract and recruit experienced professionals into the civil service on a permanent basis. We’re hiring for fifteen different job roles, including my role as head of product. Come and have a chat with us at Silicon Milkroundabout on 9th and 10th May to see what we’re all about.

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This article was originally published on MOJ Digital’s blog in January 2015. Fancy a job as a product manager? Do you see yourself working in a hot start-up with a small, tight-knit team of specialists? I’ll bet you never considered …

Becoming a product manager at MOJ Digital Read more

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