PRODUCTHEAD: Product management in charities

PRODUCTHEAD: Product management in charities

PRODUCTHEAD is a regular newsletter of product management goodness,
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Charities’ strategy should focus on the future, not the annual planning cycle

Break the habit of surveys and focus groups with user interviews

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated growth in digital fundraising

Commodity services free teams from reactive and defensive development patterns  to truly innovate

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There’s always plenty of content describing the challenges of product management in companies. And over the last ten years, the work of government digital organisations across the world has illustrated how product management works in the public sector when the usual commercial drivers are not present.

What doesn’t get as much air-time is how charities (the third sector) have been handling the accelerating shift towards digital services for their fundraising work. So this week I’ve gathered some great content that will help to highlight the similarities and differences of product management in charities.

Girl Impact Map - District Detail

One of my first projects with Product People was working with the Nike Foundation to research and develop a service to compare data visually on a map for their Girl Effect initiative. The goal was to make it easier for charities, overseas development organisations and governments to see how they were collectively helping, educating and empowering adolescent girls in Rwanda.

It was a tremendously challenging project, for all sorts of reasons. And while we delivered a product that did what we set out to achieve, I also learned several valuable lessons the hard way. I’ll publish a longer article on I Manage Products soon to explore in more detail what I learned from my mistakes. You can subscribe if you don’t want to miss it when it’s published.

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what to think about this week

Overcoming barriers to digital innovation in the charity sector

Charities are starting to innovate digitally. Innovation teams are spluttering into life, and some charities are building new digital products and services that will reach new audiences, create new potential income streams and increase their impact. But it’s slow, hard going. Why is this?

Flexible working needs more flexible procurement


Seven things all charities should learn from those on the Explore programme

Discovery is what every charity needs to go through on any new digital project.

This blog shares what these 22 charities have been learning. We hope it will help other charities get ready for their own Discovery process. Especially the next wave of 18, and those who come after.

The messiness doesn’t last


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Charity digital leadership retro

We held another fascinating discussion with some of the charity sector’s top leaders in digital. Here’s the biggest opportunities and challenges they’re seeing at the moment.

A new corporate culture and an accelerated shift to digital


The real business value unlocked by going serverless

Moving the majority of our user-facing tech to serverless has led to some incredible cost savings, but that’s not where the real business value has been unlocked for us.

Looking beyond fundraising


recent posts

Replatforming the cash cow

Recently people all seem to be encountering the same problem. Their engineering teams are choosing to work on projects that make them look busy, but which don’t actually move things forward. What they’re usually working on is a convoluted — and arguably doomed — attempt to replatform a legacy ‘cash cow’ product.

A strong signal to discover the replacement product


The unifying principles of product management

A recent tweet by John Cutler provoked some interesting reactions. It got me thinking about whether there are unifying principles of product management that apply in all contexts.

Become one with everything


What to do when service transformation goes wrong

When companies set out to improve a service or redesign a product, the results can sometimes be underwhelming. Instead of delivering service transformation, the team recommends only minor efficiency tweaks. If this has been happening to you, there can be many underlying causes. I’ve identified a few common problems and what you can you do about them.

Change means doing things differently, not just a rebrand


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