» To build trust, mutual respect and transparency are critical

» Becoming a product leader means letting go of the day-to-day product management

» Being good at your job means training others to be good at theirs

» Equip your team to make good choices without needing your input

» Developing people is the single most important part of your job

» Saying no to a good idea requires confidence in your product strategy

» Even if saying no to an opportunity, take the time to understand its value and context

» Keep ideas and suggestions separate from your product backlog

» Clear company goals and strategy make it easier to say no to unaligned requests

» Saying yes habitually to one-off custom features will usually kill your product business

» Discovery is about understanding the problem space experienced by people

» When on a tight budget for discovery, mitigate bias where possible and document all the biases you see

» A relaxed participant will open up and be more honest with you

» A discovery can prompt one or more possible solutions, or tell you the problem is not worth pursuing

» When starting your next role, gather opinions and evaluate them before making your own appraisal of the state of the product

» Think of your first month’s activity in terms of people, product and personal

» The transition from product manager to leader requires many new skill sets

» To set up a new starter in your team for success, be clear on their role and goals

» Success theatre undermines the long-term potential of your team and organisation

» Small changes can incite a large culture transformation

» As organisations grow, they incorrectly start to value the importance of “process” over “product”

» Measuring process distracts you from determining whether you are creating value

» Quarterly planning is disruptive when it introduces too much new information at once

» Free, online courses are available to help you become more literate in the basics of finance

» There are three key financial metrics to track in a recurring / subscription business

» Gain a competitive advantage by interpreting annual corporate accounts

» Challenge received wisdom about key financial metrics and ratios to reveal hidden insights

» The vision describes the future we are trying to create

» The strategy describes how we’ll make the vision a reality

» There are only 4 strategies after finding product-market fit

» Tesla subsidised more affordable car models with the revenue from their initial luxury roadster

» Storytelling helps to convince stakeholders to believe in your vision

» Customer research and validation is critical, but it can’t always make decisions for you

» Remedy mistakes quickly and honestly to earn respect

» Use the “rule of 10” to put mistakes in context

» People remember most your small defining moments