» Have a bias to test, learn, and to put code in production

» Feed what you learn from exploring solutions back into your understanding of the problem

» Help stakeholders visualise their ideas to make them easier to challenge, assess risk and test out

» Customers care about your mission, less about how you’re achieving it

» For rapid feedback in discovery, ship and learn from more users, earlier

» Changing something that’s been that way for years is hard because of the inertia behind it

» Brand provides emotional context, which creates a contact between you and your customers

» Brands evoke a subtle mix of people’s hopes, dreams and aspirations

» Apple’s famous “1984” Super Bowl ad began a branding campaign that portrayed it as a symbol of counterculture

» Navigating change is hard because we don’t want to be seen as villains

» Don’t simply cut-and-paste another company’s organisational model without understanding the context

» Consider how the members of your team will understand the change, embrace it, and work through it