» People more easily accept they’re not seeing the whole picture than being told they’re wrong

» Don’t make people feel bad about their beliefs — be kind and connect with them

» Research shows that we interpret words like “we believe” with differing confidence levels

» There is often a lack of discipline when it comes to talking about uncertainty

» Use empathy to appreciate the context, needs and pain points of your stakeholders

» Understanding people’s social style helps you influence stakeholders more effectively

» You can use different modes of persuasion to craft a more compelling argument

» Picking the right time to make your point can amplify your persuasiveness

» We perform better when we bring our emotions to work

» Call out toxic workplaces, but also have an exit strategy

» An effective team needs: psychological safety, dependability, structure & clarity, meaning, and impact

» Treat psychological safety as a key business metric, as important as revenue, cost of sales, or uptime