» Ways to extend a product’s life cycle: frequent usage; varied usage; new users; new uses

» Sometimes removing features is more effective than adding them

» You can’t change the customer, but you can change your company’s process, strategy and culture

» Give your team time and permission to check you’re moving the right metrics

» Data is not a silver bullet and won’t solve your company’s trust issues

» Make small changes and embrace experimentation

» People may have a sincere commitment to change, while also unwittingly applying productive energy toward a hidden competing commitment.

» Extreme situations can build extreme understanding and can also push people apart

» Does our current worldview limit the way we think about organisations?

» Good candidates have initiative and passion to pursue their opinions

» The transition from product manager to leader requires many new skill sets

» Discovery is about understanding the problem space experienced by people

» Becoming a product leader means letting go of the day-to-day product management

» Netflix on HR: “Be honest, and treat people like adults”

» Your North Star metric best captures the core value that your product delivers to customers