» Product managers must understand the impact of their products on society as a whole

» Now is the time to push for broader product management accountability

» No company, individual or set of activities, yet provides a clear-cut example of ethical best practice

» What we build must not be at the cost of another group’s needs

» Nothing in traditional product training prepares you for making ethical decisions

» Avoid waste by by first researching “shallow” user personas then progressively elaborating as needed

» Product managers can and should conduct user research when demand outstrips the researchers available

» Connect user personas to people’s actual goals for more emotional impact

» Good interviewers listen, not talk

» Amazon warehouses are gradually moving towards full robotic automation

» Greater automation creates new types of work, but not necessarily for people

» Smart contracts are already automating financial transactions, but can be susceptible to coding flaws

» Increased use of machine learning in insurance places greater burden on regulators to ensure fairness

» “Requirements” is another way of saying “just shut up and build it”

» A user story is deliberately sparse on detail to provoke a team conversation about the user’s goal

» We often incorrectly assume everyone does something the same way

» The mental model to describe epics, user stories and tasks can be clarified with visual artefacts