» Outcome-driven product roadmaps shift the focus from building features to solving user problems

» A product roadmap is a communication tool first and foremost

» A now/next/later roadmap helps teams to focus on the bigger picture

» Delivering outcomes instead of outputs is harder, but more valuable

» A product coach should measure their own job performance by the successes of their team members

» Strive to develop a capacity for learning in the people you supervise

» Coaching taps into an individual’s own wisdom and keeps them accountable for achieving their goals

» People who are genuinely committed to change but nonetheless dig in their heels may be unwittingly self-sabotaging

» Async working lets you set aside time for deep thinking

» Forced remote working led naturally to more async work

» Async relies on three main tenets: multiplexing, communication and action

» Find the right balance between flexibility and cohesion, independence and togetherness

» In-person time is important to sustain the human relationships that enable you to get work done

» Data ethics studies and evaluates moral problems related to data, algorithms and corresponding practices, in order to formulate and support morally good solutions

» Product managers have ethical responsibilities that transcend career, company and profit

» Organisations need to assess and build their trust and trustworthiness

» Mitigate biases in your product that may have unintended discriminatory effects on individuals and social groups

» Firing someone is a task you will always perform with some anxiety, but you still need to be able to do it well

» At Netflix, it’s not enough to be a hard worker achieving only B-grade results

» Founder of AngelList Naval Ravikant seeks happiness by trying to live in the here-and-now, neither obsessing about the past nor fantasising about the future

» If your team’s cultural norms cause you to feel uncomfortable, ask yourself why you think it’s not ok