» Celsys are going to start charging for software updates to their popular Clip Studio Paint product

» The way Celsys communicated this to their users caused outrage — some of which was justified

» Fog Creek found themselves trying to monetise their viral product Trello, which it had promised would be free forever

» Fog Creek had first mover advantage on an easily copied product, which it exploited by a timely sale to Atlassian

» In solving their own internal scaling problem, Amazon inadvertently created the building blocks for the AWS platform

» Stripe’s founders didn’t shy away from tackling an unattractively difficult problem

» Platforms connect different sides of a market, even if they have dramatically different needs and capabilities

» Twilio’s founder prioritised the developers who’d implement his API, not the managers who’d pay for it

» Every other team is allowed to be uncertain about the future — so should product

» There are different types of question for strategy, opportunities and interventions

» Avoid investments that are neither defense nor offense

» What people say and how they really feel can often vary