Imagine you’ve just been told that you’ll be a member of the team responsible for the first manned mission to Mars.

Now imagine someone asks you how much the mission’s going to cost. The whole thing. There and back. By close of business on Thursday.

» Amazon warehouses are gradually moving towards full robotic automation

» Greater automation creates new types of work, but not necessarily for people

» Smart contracts are already automating financial transactions, but can be susceptible to coding flaws

» Increased use of machine learning in insurance places greater burden on regulators to ensure fairness

» “Requirements” is another way of saying “just shut up and build it”

» A user story is deliberately sparse on detail to provoke a team conversation about the user’s goal

» We often incorrectly assume everyone does something the same way

» The mental model to describe epics, user stories and tasks can be clarified with visual artefacts